30 Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 30% more natural polyphenols

30 is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil created by Olitalia. The Cultivars have been identified and selected with the highest content of polyphenols, natural antioxidants, in order to obtain a special product with an exceptional quality. This innovative idea comes from Olitalia’s willingness to create natural and high quality products. The research has allowed the company to enhance the beneficial effects that Extra Virgin Olive Oils have naturally and to attain 30% more polyphenols with antioxidant properties than that of the other Extra Virgin Olive Oils on the market.

Certificate n° 63/003 guaranteeing the minimum content of biophenols and tocopherols

30% more polyphenols, natural antioxidants

Polyphenols are essential components in the antioxidant action of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With proven beneficial and health effects, the amount of polyphenols in different Cultivars is influenced by many factors: olive varieties, climate, soil, altitude, exposure and ripeness of the olives.

The perfect union

There are more than 1600 different Cultivars of olive trees in the world, Italy counts more than 600 of them. Each year, the climate and weather conditions significantly affect the quantity and quality of olive crops, modifying the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For this reason, Olitalia has created the blend 30, carefully selecting in Italy and Spain the Cultivars with suitable content of Polyphenols, to compose a unique and special Extra Virgin Olive Oil profile.

Great character

30 is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that presents vivid green reflections; it is full bodied with distinctive flavor and great character. The abundance of natural Polyphenols antioxidants gives the oil a rich taste and special fragrancy, influencing its aromatic characteristics. An Extra Virgin Olive Oil of great character and unique flavor, created by the experience and skill of Olitalia experts.

Natural wellness

The Mediterranean diet is a historical and cultural heritage of great importance that involves skill, knowledge, rituals and traditions. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the key elements of a dietary style, made of rules and healthy and balanced habits. 20g of Extra Virgin Olive Oil per day (2 tablespoons), as part of a diet low in saturated fats and a healthy life, are the amount recommended to obtain the beneficial effect of 30. Thanks to the rich content of polyphenols, with an antioxidant effect, 30 helps to protect blood lipids from free radicals, exerting a positive effect on health.


30 is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained by thoroughly selecting the varieties of olives with the appropriate content of natural Polyphenols in Italy and Spain. The oil is a tradition that historically unites the Mediterranean peoples and nations. Further the EU recognizes over 60 quality certifications among which PGI and PDO in Italy and Spain. The crops of the different Cultivars, selected for their nutritional and organoleptic properties, are merged by Olitalia to create a unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ensuring total transparency and traceability of products.

Natural quality

For over thirty years Olitalia has been synonym of goodness and quality: features contained in its tasty condiments, basic ingredients of a healthy and balanced diet.

More than 14,000 analysis throughout the production chain to raise our quality standards with an eye to the health and well-being, to offer only the best products possible.

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